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Golf Game Stimulus Package 

8 lessons for $600 save $200


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The Highlander Junior Golf Tour

Providing opportunities for Florida’s junior golfers to learn and improve through playing regular, affordable, competitive golf at great venues close to home


Jonathon and Jack win the Marion Junior CupJonathon and Jack win the Marion Junior CupOur Juniors have won over 50 first place medals in junior events around Florida!



 Twenty Lesson Series

Twenty Private Lessons for only $1350  

Save $650


Ten Lesson Series

Get ten lessons for the price of seven


Save $300

 Private lessons can be followed-up by a Lesson Overview Video that is emailed to the student. 

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  • Learn the game from putts to driver
  • Get a full game tune up for a super low price
  • First week Putting
  • Second week Chipping
  • Third week Irons
  • Fourth week Woods
  • Fifth class is on-course!
  • Maximum of five students
  • Only $129

other area classes cost over $200 for twice the students 


Call for current class times

352 259 0436


 "At 60 years young and recently moving to The Villages, and having never
playing golf in my life, I took up the game and started taking lessons from Mark
Panigoni. After 7 lessons with Mark, I shot a 41 on Sunday including my first
birdie at Sandhill playing from the gold. This was the 15th game that I had
played in my life. Two days later I played my 17th game at Saddlebrook
and scored a 35 with 3 pars and 4 bogies playing from the gold. This was now my
best game. These lessons really work. "    ----Bill Hayden    

The Villages, FL

Mark is the area's ONLY Authorized Stack & Tilt instructor.


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 Private Lessons


30 minute................$60

45 minute...................$80

60 minute...................$100






After lessons and studying Stack & Tilt with Mark, I will never go back to the way I used to play!  More power, more consistency and it all makes so much sense!!!  After the second lesson, I shot 68 - the lowest score for me in over ten years!


Michael R, Girard, PGA 

Lady Lake, FL



After taking an on course lesson with you last week, I played 9 holes at Torri Pines at Lopez Was on the green in regulation 8 of 9 holes.  Shot 41, the best score I've ever shot!




John S , The Villages
I took a series of lessons from Mark.  We
worked specifically on my iron play.  After the first lesson I was hitting the
irons great with a nice divot and ball flight.  I have taken many lessons and
Mark is very good at teaching the "feel" of  the correct movement.              
The lesson overview he sent was a great reference tool.
Thanks Mark, I am
playing better than ever.


"...Ended up shooting a 78! first time I broke 80!! I love this stack and tilt! Starting to love this game again, Thanks!!"
Chris Lacy,
Lake Panosofskee
 Hi Mark,

I played at Mallory on
Christmas day.  My first eight drives were the most beautiful I have ever had
and they kept getting longer as I went along.  I had been hitting about 150
yards.  On the eighth hole I hit 178 and had a birdie on a par 5.  Your help and
videos have been invaluable.

Not to bad for 83.

Fred Ratner,
The Villages, FL

"I shot 3 strokes under my age after taking a series of ten lessons with Mark!"

Bill Ash,

The Villages, FL



"My last 18 hole round was 30 shots lower after taking a series of 10 private lessons." Penny Lounsberry,

Weirsdale, FL


"I knocked of dozen strokes after my lessons."  Watch video


John Brobson,

Summerfield, FL


"I've played golf in pain for years, now it's a pleasure to play" 

Watch video



Sandra Ricciardi

The Villages, FL

I highly recommend Mark Panigoni as an excellent, certified teacher of the
stack-and-tilt method of golf.  Through his thorough video analysis during and
after each lesson, Mark has given me some real insight and helped me adapt to
this method of golf that is far easier on my lower back and knees.  With his
help, I have learned a less complicated swing method, and I am hitting the ball
to the target, longer and more solidly than ever. 

Several years ago, I tried to
learn the stack-and-tilt method on my own with limited success, especially with
the driver.  Through Mark’s instruction, I have learned to hit all the clubs,
and for me golf has become more fun than ever.
-- Franklin Murphy


"I have had 9 back surgeries and a pair of new levels fused in my
lower back and four levels in the neck area.  Typically, after 10 or 12 holes I
would begin to experience pain in my lower back. I saw your ad on Stack and Tilt
so I booked a lesson.  I could not be happier.  To be clear, I have had a number

of lessons in the past with varying degrees of success.  I can honestly say that the

time spent with you been most rewarding. 

I am now playing pain-free.  I can't tell you how good that feels.  Your use of

technology is a real plus.  Being able to discuss and critique the swing
with video during and after instructions has really benefited me.  It's one
thing to be told what you are doing; it's another thing to be able to see what
you are doing.

It is also very beneficial to experience actual on-course instrutions with you. 

Mark, I want you to know that you have exceeded my expectations.  If anyone would like
to talk to me, I would be happy to share my thought with them."


 John A. Sette -The Villages, FL

[email protected]



"After learning to Stack and Tilt from Mark, I went from hitting my 3-wood about 50 yards on the ground most of the time to consistently hitting i
t between 180 -200 yards! My short iron shots are absolutely unbelievable! Every shot is straight as an arrow. I hit every par-three in my last round and had short birdie putts on each one. I actually hit the flag stick on the sixth hole with my second shot on Heritage. My scores have dropped around 8 to 10 strokes!"

Tony Giresi - Del Webb, Summerfield, FL



"Before, I would always need to lie down on the 17th tee box to relieve my back pain.  Since taking my lessons on Stack and Tilt, I have had no back pain during or after my rounds!"


Denny Ricker - The Villages, FL



 Last Fridays lesson really worked well for Glenn.. This morning at Green Valley
Golf Course on the 8th hole a 127 yd par 3 he teed up the ball and hit a 7 iron
on to the green and it rolled in for his first ever hole in one.. Lesson money
well spent..Thanks..

Joanne Carter (Glenn's Wife)


Hi Mark
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the lessons that I took
recently. I was just about to quit the game; you where my last hope.
Believe it or not I am able to now compete with some pretty good golfers in my circle of
friends.  Last time out at Truman course we all shot @30 to 33.
B-4 seeing you, I shanked into houses on the right and pulled into other
fairways on the left.  The time and $ spent on lessons was a great value.
    Thanks again
        Tom Neirinckx (happy golfer) - The Villages, FL


Just thought you'd like to know I did what you said and embraced the stack and tilt method that you taught me and guess what I shot a 74 on Sat the 25th!.. all because of your method, which I should have embraced with my very first lesson a year ago. I will see you soon for a lesson to make sure we are doing it the right way."  

John Marchionne, Summerfield, FL 






Just want to express my gratitude to you.  I scored 90 today, I was and still am elated.  I also only had 25 putts in all 18 holes.  I finally grasp some pointers that you gave me.  It may not sound that good to you, a 90, but it's terrific in my capability.  It certainly makes golf more fun.


Jackie Hall, Wildwood, FL




 I came to your Free Clinic on the golf swing as a struggling golfer who had quit playing due to frustration.
I employed only part of what I learned from you and went from shooting in the low 80s, at best, to seven straight rounds in the 70s with a 71 recorded in the Eagle Ridge Men's day.
John Hummel Del Webb

Since my lesson's from you, we played two 9 holes on 2 Championship courses with a 43 and 44 on a par 36. I know that these aren't P.G.A. scores BUT I've shaved 3 to 7 strokes off my game !! Which I contribute to your lesson's!!!!!!Again thanks for your great knowledge of the game & teaching me how to correct a lot of my bad golf habits.

Gary Horn, The Villages, FL

Recently I participated in a three lesson instructional package put on by Mark Panigoni. Mark was very attentive and knowledgeable. He was also (thankfully) very patient and understands the frustrations of a person trying to improve their game. After taking his classes I have not had a round above 86 and to my surprise, 2 rounds of 81. The confidence I am gaining is something I have never experienced before on the golf course. My score for a typical round of golf averaged about 90-92. Quite an improvement if you ask me. 

Richard Lawrence, Summerfield. FL


 Thank you so much for the notes. I have played golf twice since my lesson. I have completely changed my grip my stance and my swing. Jim and I played at Glenview today and I shot a 47 on the front and a 48 on the back. This is the best I have ever played. I did exactly what you told me. It is so much more fun playing when you have a good game. Thanks for your help. If I know anyone who needs help I will certainly refer them to you.
Thanks again

Sharon Capp, The Villages, FL


 I came to your free golf clinic on hitting the driver and found it very helpful.  I had played 18 holes the day before and shot 130.   The next day, after the free clinic, I shot 100!!!!   
Mike Weisz, The Villages, FL

Many thanks for your patience and "high fives" during my first golf lesson with you last Monday.  You really made it a great experience for me!  I did play my first 9-hole round with Carole, Jim and Barbara and faired pretty well.... did better than I expected. 

  I appreciate your method of teaching... relaxed and without pressure.  It is obvious that you are an expert and I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to have my first lesson with you.  Many sincere thanks.
Annette Ogrodowski - Rochester, NY

Thanks for the lesson. I did consistently well with my 7 iron.

My girlfriend said that in all her years of golfing, she's never seen someone hit like me with one lesson and one bucket of balls. She wanted to know how many times I really did play.

I am sticking to my story that it was your very good instructions!

 Jim Zeveney

The lesson you gave has greatly improved my consistency.  It was the best lesson that I have had.
Duane  Hjulstrom, The Villages, FL

 "After taking your playing class, I have improved my scores  like night and day. The last nine-hole score I recorded was 20 strokes less than 2 months ago! 

I have really enjoyed the Playing Classes.  They are a lot of fun and make the game more fun for me when I go out and play with my friends and neighbors because I have confidence that I know what I am doing out there!!!"

  Carlos Bryan, The Villages, FL

 "Mark, I want to say a great big THANKYOU !! you have done wonders with Frank's game. It was a real pleasure to play 18 with him the following day.
As a side perk, your instructions to him also helped me! (I was constantly hitting behind the ball) and with your help I even scored the best round in
years!! THANKS AGAIN!"

 Shirley Dewar - The Villages, FL

"Thank you Mark.  The lesson was well worth the time and money.  I have much more confidence than I did when I arrived this am. Again thanks."

Frank Dewar - The Villages, FL

"This set of 5 lessons was the best money I have spent since I started playing golf. Mark has the engrained the fundamentals of the golf swing in my head and greatly improved my golf game.

I'm hitting my irons pure, I've learned how to chip, and my driver is longer and straighter. Since starting my lessons, I've won 3 tournaments and beaten one of the best players in the villages in a match play event.  Mark is a great instructor, very laid back and easy to communicate with."

 Ian Gaz - Lady Lake, FL

 "I appreciate the lesson very much! I am back in the game. I have been hitting almost every day since the lesson and have seen great improvement! I'm back home in Wisconsin now and hope to continue to work on my game. I only wish I would have done it sooner! Thanks for all your help!

Ryan Venne - Wisconsin

 "Mark gave me a very logical progression of instruction - excellent communicator. He was very thorough and I was able to learn from him
quickly. "

George Kane - The Villages, FL

 "I played El Santiago today and had a 32.  This is probably the best score I
have ever had.  Thanks Mark!!"    

 Suzanne, The Villages, FL

"Great job Mark.   Your help was greatly appreciated and especially by my back.  What was covered was very relevant to my game and I saw instant success.  You made everything seem so easy. "  

Marje Holtzman - The Villages, FL

2021 Summer Camps will start 

May 31 at Eagle Ridge Golf Club.  

Ages 12-18 


Our Junior Camp is specialized for Middle and High School aged players that are on the golf team or are hoping to make the team! 

Coach Panigoni is the current Head Coach for The Villages High School Boys' golf team.  His students have won over 70 junior tour events and counting. 


Serious preparation but in a very fun atmoshere!

Call or email to sign up

Camps start with One Hour of full swing instruction and practice with water and snack breaks throughout.  One hour of short game instruction and practice and again breaks.  Then, one hour for lunch at Toppers Restaurant (included)


After lunch, we play 9 holes to put in play what the kids have learned and usually finish around 4:00.  


Each camp is coached by PGA Professional Mark Panigoni.  Maximum student ratio is 4 to 1. 


Camps are minimum of six hours long and will run Mon thru Wed 


Lunch at Toppers' Restaurant is included in the price.


9:45     Drop off in front of Pro Shop 


10am    Full Swing Class


11am    Short Game Class


Noon    Lunch


1pm      9 Holes begins on one of the                four Eagle Ridge courses



4pm     Pick-up in front of the Pro Shop




2021  Summer Junior Camp Dates


Mon May 31 thru Wed June 1

Mon June 7 thru Wed June 9

Mon June 28 thru Wed June 30


Mon July 5 Thru Wed July 7

Mon July 12 thru Wed July 14

Mon July 19 thru Wed July 21

Mon July 26 thru Wed July 28





Camp Prices

The cost for a Three-Day Camp which includes green fees, cart fees and lunch is $285.